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Turanair Systems, Inc. is a privately held Corporation formed in 2002, based in Pompano Beach, Florida. Turanair received its first patent in 2005 and has since added multiple improvements to the existing US patent, along with regulator patent applications in 16 countries. Turanair is currently developing a super high flow regulator that offers a great value to the Professional Racing and Fire Rescue communities.

Turanair T-Force™ Air Systems are the first and only totally portable, "Clean Air" powered systems to replace noisy, cumbersome, toxin-emitting, compressors and generators used to power pneumatic tools and devices. Turanair T-Force™ systems simply use the Air we breathe as the energy source (compressed to 4500Psi) to power pneumatic tools, building and manufacturing, from homes, commercial structures, to cars, boats, racing, and planes- basically anything/anywhere that requires compressed air or nitrogen.

Turanair T-Force™ Air Systems are currently being used in a diverse marketplace such as all types of construction, cabinet building, and assembly plants such as Boeing, caulking & sealants, Military, Fire Rescue, Professional Racing, Air Brushing and much more.

Turanair T-Force™ Air Systems utilizes a variety of Carbon Fiber Cylinders (vessels) all rated at 4500Psi coupled with the T100 Regulator pressurized to 4500Psi is basically stored energy ready to be used at any time, "Portable Energy On Demand". Utilizing the capability of a High Pressure Compressor to pressurize the T-Force Systems to 4500Psi allows the user to leave the compressor at the shop and simply go to work with a portable, light weight, compressed air system that can last all day, all week or longer depending on the size vessel required for the job. No more long air hoses-No more extension cords-No heavy compressors to unload and load-No fumes-No noise- "Just a Bottle of Air".

Turanair Systems, Inc. finds it encouraging to be a part of the "GREEN" movement, offering an environmentally-friendly, energy-saving "Portable Air Supply System. Currently in construction, gasoline /diesel generators and electric compressors are used to create the compressed air supply for all the trades necessary to build our homes, commercial & industrial buildings. Jobsite generators & compressors continue to pollute our atmosphere with Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, & Oxides of Nitrogen. These standard generators/compressors virtually run continuously all day, "Polluting the Atmosphere".

Turanair T-Force™ Systems are pressurized using a High Pressure Compressor that only needs to run from 8-minutes to 1-hour per day to fill one of our systems. We simply compress the atmosphere, clean it, dry it and put it in a bottle, "Clean Air in-Clean Air out".
Turanair Systems, Inc. is extremely proud to have developed a product line with the potential to revolutionize industries worldwide, while effecting a strong positive influence on eco-systems.

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